Water is our real home…

We are descendants of a canoeing dynasty. Our grandfather ENDRE FODOR made our father PÉTER FODOR fall in love with the sport, and he took all of his children with him to his training and competitions from the age of 3.

Younger PÉTER FODOR made it to the national team in canoeing, when he was invited to an artificial rafting track in East Germany, where he was captivated by the world of the sport. In 2003, Péter and his teammates competed in the World Championships in the Czech Republic, where they finished 13th overall. This was a huge achievement at the time, as the Austrians, who, unlike the Hungarians, had the wild water available to them every day for training, still only managed 16th place.

SZABOLCS FODOR, 11 years younger than his brother, was aiming even higher. He excels in four different sports; canoeing, white water rafting, dragon boat, as well as in SUP. He is a multiple national champion canoeist, first in the World and European Rafting Championships, fourth in the European Championships of dragon boat, and national champion as well as ninth in the SUP World Championships too. Szabi is truly unstoppable when it comes to sports! ; )


The work of FODOR RAFTING is also supported by the youngest brother, ÁDÁM FODOR, who was also a national champion canoeist when he was a child. Now an ambulance man by profession, he provides first aid courses for the tour guide team every year.

Why have we shared all this with you?! Well, to show you that water is our real home!